Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where does she get it?

So I was amazed at my oldest daughter the other day. She decided to do housework without any prompting. I thought I would get a quick picture of it just in case it isn't a common occurrence. But then again, since we have been both been working to keep each other accountable in being homemakers, this should become the norm. Now see how cute she is vacuuming?
I mean really, who does she think she is? June Cleaver? All she needs is some pearls and heels. Trust me, she is NOT personifying me!
I think the only thing I'm channeling is Rosanne Barr. That is so not good. Guess I need to take lessons from Jeffie Jean! Amazingly enough, 10 year old little girls can teach us stuff too!


  1. She is adorable vacuuming in her dress. What a sweetie!

  2. I love it when kids help out when they are not asked. She is adorable and you are right she does need some heels and pearls. :)


    P.S. - I have that same vacumm. Love it!

  3. I followed your tweet about your little homemaker, totally not knowing you are TeriLynne's sister! I adore her!

    I need to be doing some more homemaker training, this pic is awesome!!

  4. Tried to call you tonight to tell you a HILARIOUS story about C ... will try again this weekend or next week. Love you ... bunches and bunches!! And you look NOTHING like Roseanne ... though Jeffie is channeling some June Cleaver. C does the same thing ... I have a collection of vintage aprons that have one-by-one disappeared into her room. We have the best girls!

  5. I'm thinking Jeffie's next project will be to learn to sew some apron's. Then she can color coordinate them to her clothes! She won't wear mine, they are bland, yucky, or something in which she turns her nose up!

  6. Did you know that her Greatgrandma Jeffie Jean sewed some of the cutest little dresses for Granny Sue? Those that I remember were sleeveless with a three ruffled skirt, very much like the twirly skirts you make. Susie was two or three years old at the time, and looked like a little doll in them (which is one reason her nickname was "doll doll".)