Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bible in 90 Days

I remember growing up as a child being in awe of people who read their Bibles in a year. It just blew my mind.  How could they read the whole thing in only a year?!  Of course this is the same child that read over 250 books in 3 months so she could get all the prizes offered through the library's summer reading program. But somehow that was different.

This same child was given a One Year Bible in her teen years, and she may or may not have read it completely through during her years in high school. She did however, read every text book from cover to cover, all the appropriate library books in the local library, and read books for the middle school librarian for age appropriateness.  But the Bible just seemed like a mountain too big to read.

And as an adult, this same child has multiple Bibles, devotions galore at her finger tips, is married to the preacher, and still, I cannot tell you if I have ever read the Bible cover to cover.  There. I said it out loud.  No more hiding. No more secrets.  You know my biggest fault in which I find much shame.  And now, there are no more excuses.

No more is this child going to say it's too big. No more can this child claim it's too hard. The little reading machine cannot pretend there just isn't enough time in the day to care for all that has been given her, and still CONSISTENTLY read the Word. 

The same struggles, the same fears are still there. Fear of failing. Struggling with finding out I may not be good enough.  Procrastination. Slothfulness. Bottom line, pride. What I want is far more important. 

So here I stand, child and woman, together beginning a new journey. I begin reading my Bible cover to cover in 90 days. But I make this commitment not from fear of disobeying God, or fear of the consequences. Nor do I make it from a place of shame and guilt. God is good. And He has offered me His grace, and I accepted. And this commitment is made out of faith and love to my Creator. The Saver of my soul.

If you are beginning a new Bible reading plan this year, let me know. If you would like to join in reading the Bible in 90 days, join our group being hosted by Jessica at Jezamama.  She has some wonderful tips, and is a great encourager. And if you don't mind, would you check in on me ever so often to see how I am doing?  Cheer me on, hold me accountable, push me when I need it?  Tomorrow is the big starting day. There is excitement in the air, and a few nerves as well. Lord, your strength is perfect, and it is honor I wish to bring to You. Cover me, and hold me up as I endeavour to worship you more. God is our refuge, a very present help in trouble. And He uses you and me to be the messengers of that help!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our kids love listening to CDs in the car. Recently, we discovered they enjoy listening to books and other audio stories as well.  So when The World’s Greatest Stories arrived, we couldn't wait to listen. Th

e World’s Greatest Stories are dramatized tellings of the Biblical narrative. The text is straight from your choice of the NIV (New International Version) or KJV (King James Version) with nothing added or taken away. They are read by George W. Sarris who desired to increase Biblical literacy in children. He saw the need to produce an auditory Bible that was true to the words of the text, didn’t add characters or remove any of the actual events from the telling but still keep it captivating for children to listen to. 
There are currently six volumes in The World’s Greatest Stories Collection. The Crew reviewed Volume 1 The Prophets; which included tellings of The Blazing Furnace, The Handwriting on the Wall, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal and The Prophecy of Jonah. Other Volumes include:
2. The Life of Christ
3. Beginnings
4. Joshua and Esther
5. Jospeh and His Brothers
6. Defeating Giants
Each CD is about an hour long so they are great for car trips, to have playing during chore time or to have in as the children are going to bed at night. And at just $7.95 a CD (or cassette tape) they are reasonably priced for just about any budget. If you order six or more items in one transaction, shipping is even free!


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