Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More twirly-ness

I am so behind on all my blogging. But then again, if I really thought about it, I'm sure I'm behind in all sorts of areas. But we are not going to go there, or discuss that nonsense. So I am quickly going to post pictures of the latest skirts I made for some family members. Heath's Aunt Judy asked me if I would make some for her three granddaughters who live in South Carolina where their Daddy is stationed.

And so I asked for measurements and any color preferences. The oldest decided her favorite color was green (not hard for a Christmas skirt), the seconded loves blue (once again, pretty simple for Christmas), and the youngest's favorite color was yellow. YELLOW? Wow, what a tall order. I also had asked if there was a seconded fave, and the colors went like this: camo, camo, pink. But Mom and Grandma vetoed the camo, so off to the store I went.

And these are what were churned out from my machine. I love making twirl skirts. Really. There is just so much joy and happiness! And these were just so cute! Green being my favorite color, I'm a little partial to Abby's skirt. But my Mom loves snowmen, so Annie's has a special place in my heart. And being able to put together a yellow Christmas skirt makes Colleen's skirt very dear to me. So yeah, I dare you. Pick you favorite!

Friday, December 4, 2009

One of my favorite days...

Today is one of my favorite days. To understand, you'll have to have some background information. So let's travel back in my little mind (don't mind the mess), to the summer of my seventeenth year.

My family (Mom, Dad, Thomas, and I) were off on one of our summer vacations. They will have to chime in as to where, I just remember we were in Texas. I think. Anyway, as was our summer tradition, we left our home for a week, played, hung out, listened to Dad count down how many days were left until he had to go back to work, and generally had a good time. I was dreaming of my Senior year, trying to con Thomas out of more space in the back seat, and not really having a care in the world. Dad had a stack of CD's in the front seat that would make any music lover jealous, and I was sure I would only know/like about a third of them. Usually I would not remember any of them. But this year was different. We had pulled up in front of a hotel (again, don't know which one, or even what state it was in for sure. Told you it was messy here in my mind) and Daddy went in to check us in. And this song came on. The opening chords hooked my attention, and I grabbed the case to see who it was, what song it was, and then ripped the case open to read the words along with the song. It was some odd looking group (big hair wantabes) named Geoff Moore and the Distance (If you know them, you know they really aren't wantabes. But hey, I was a teenager). And I instantly became a fan for life. And something more happened then too.

I fell in love. Really. Some would say it was a teenage girl thing, I did at the time. But I really fell in love. This song, it summed up everything I thought love should be. What my husband should be. How I wanted to be loved, and thought of. Too bad I didn't know anyone like that. Yep. Figured out right then and there, that there wasn't a single guy I knew that fit this bill. Buh. Back to the drawing board for me! Anyway, "If You Could See" set a standard for me, and I began measuring every guy I met by that stick.

Fast forward a year. The summer after my senior year. I was staring college, and independence square in the mouth. Not that I don't love home, but I was 18 and ready to see if I was as smart, independent, and grown up as I thought I was. I was at church camp for my last year, and was acting the the top hen in the hen house! I was headed to OBU in the fall, so spent quite a bit of time at The Hut (OBU's recruiting office at Falls Creek). They had a staff of three, Amy, Nathan, and Heath,I think, and they were likable enough. Except for this one guy. He was obnoxious, and a know-it-all. We did NOT click or get along. No need to even get the measuring stick out! At least that's what I thought on Monday. But on Thursday of that week, things changed. Each one of the staff got an afternoon off, and Thursday was Heath's. I was glad. I could hang out at The Hut with out him being there. He was leaving and going to get the others a Coke, and asked if I wanted to come along. Grr... I said yes just to be nice, and found out later he only asked because he thought it would be rude not to offer, but hoped I'd say no. After spending the afternoon talking, laughing, and maybe just a little bit of flirting, I decided maybe Heath wasn't a know-it-all after all. There was only a day and a half left of camp, but we were inseparable. It was time to get out the stick and see how this guy measured up.

But then it happened. He walked me back to my cabin because it was pouring rain, dark, and he wanted to make sure I got back safe and sound, and before curfew. And with the sweetest kiss on the cheek at the door, he said to me, "If only you knew what I see when I look at you". Now some guys would say that was the BEST line ever, but I knew right then I could throw my measuring stick away. I was never going to need it again. (If you don't understand why, go back and check out the song's link. Go ahead. I'll wait.) That summer, the summer of 1995 was the start of something big.

So what does all that have to do with today, December 4th? Well, today would be that boy's birthday. I know, this seems an odd remembrance for a birthday. Kind of sounds like an anniversary memory. But not to me. Our anniversary is full of wedding memories, and past anniversaries. But this is what I remember on Heath's birthday. The first week I knew him, For his Mom and Dad and family, they remember that week in December 35 years ago, and rightfully so. That was when they first met him. I only go back 14 years. And I remember a first kiss, a promise, and a joining of two hearts. Man I love this guy! We had that song sung for us during our wedding in 1996, and it still makes me misty eyed every time I hear it. (Especially if it's Heath who is singing it!) So today, I say Happy Birthday Heath. And this: It's all of the light, and the grace, your belief in me that drives me to say, that I promise you a continued faithful love, forever true!

Monday, November 2, 2009

What a wonderful day!

Today is the most special day of the year in my house. Today is a day for reflection. And it is a day for sweet remembrances. Today is the day I married my husband. Thirteen years ago that is. Oh what a day! It was a bright, sunshiny day like today, albeit probably 20 degrees cooler. And I woke with a giant smile on my face that never left for the entire day.

Heath and I married on my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. I'll never forget the light in my Grandma's eyes that day. A light only for my Grandpa. I remember thinking, "I only pray I'll still look like that at my husband 50 years down the road." Only now I understand that I shouldn't have said still. For the love I felt for Heath then, is nothing compared to the love I have for him today.

This love is older, wiser, and yet still as intense and passionate as it was way back then. It's grown to include in-laws, children, friends, churches, and still there is the love for each other.

There are many things I can say in praise of Heath. He works HARD. He is always available to help clean up messes. He is the best (on only in our house) organizer. I never have to pack a single bag or box. There is not a better Daddy to be found for our children. He changes diapers, kisses boo-boos, brushes hair, tries at pony-tails, rough houses with boys, teaches school, plays games, and is everything any child could want for a Dad.

But there is something else. I don't know if I can express it in words. You see, I am extremely independent. We are talking, seriously independent. And yet, I am so loved, so completed by my husband, that I can throw that all out and be dependent upon him. Does that make sense? He's given me something I never thought I wanted. Or even needed for that matter. The ability to submit to him, be dependent upon him, and it be okay. And if we mess up, that's okay. If things don't work out quite right, that's okay. I don't need the reigns. I don't want them. Heath's love is so complete, I have entrusted to him what I've never given to anyone else. My utmost, inner self. That part of me that no one else knew. It's amazing to be able to trust someone else with that.

So I want to say I love you, Heath. Love you for the years, for the fun, for the memories. But most of all for the love. I can't wait to see what else comes our way!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Here

I knew it was coming. But it hit yesterday. Yep. I'm sick. Thank you to that sweet little boy of mine. And I don't know which is worse. The cold medicine, or the plugged nose, sore throat, throbbing headache, hot ears (it really bothers me), and achy exhaustion. And my poor Jeffie Jean is sick too. So Heath and the boys are on their own for a couple of days. Jeffie and I are just out of commission.

But, to my GREAT surprise, I found a substitute for my blog today. My dear online friend Erin posted about ME today! I'm just overwhelmed! And if I weren't dog sick, I'd jump for joy. But it will just have to do with a small woohoo today. So go check out the blog here, and tell Erin hello while you are there!

Now, where is that Kleenex box?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mom of the Year

So, I was teasing my friend Erin about her recent post about being THAT Mom. She suggested I write about some of my shining moments as a parent, and wouldn't you know it, this weekend has given me loads of "blogger bites".

We sat down to eat lunch today, and I discovered Anderson has a HUGE burn blister on two of his fingers. Really. How does an eleven month old burn himself that bad, and I don't notice? Or could it have been yesterday when I sat his veggies in front of him without letting them cool, and he screamed for the next 10 minutes after grabbing them? Great Mom, I know.

How about when I was trying Paulee's shoes on her so I could make sure everything was on point for the big "matching sisters" act at church this morning. Hum...they were too small. No biggie right? Until I went to the store and found out I had been putting shoes TWO sizes too small on her for the last month. Yep, great Mom I am!

Not only am I a wonderful Mom, I the perfect house wife too. Move over Martha! Decided to make tuna fish salad and egg salad to use up all the eggs we had. Yeah. Got distracted (I'll claim it was the kids, NOT the computer), and burned them. BURNED. Not overcooked. Not too hard. Burned. Seriously. Ever burned hard boiled eggs? There was not a single drop of water left in the pot. The shells were scorched. All the way through to the egg whites! Yep. I was on a roll this weekend!

We also made a run to the ER. Little Terry started running a very high fever very suddenly. Decided to take him in to the ER since there is every kind of flu known to man kind and the animal kingdom as well going around here. Not to mention strep, and a bunch of unknown causes for serious illnesses. Sat there for five hours to be told he didn't have anything. Oh, and to be told I was failing as a Mom. Yep. Those were the words that the Doctor spoke. Out loud. To my face. We're lucky Heath was holding Terry, or there could have been stitches needed before we left. (And not any of us) Just so you know. Ice and water are apparently the wrong thing to give your child. At least according to that doctor. But, I did get something from the visit to blog about, so we'll just be done with it.

So that's my post for the day. For all of you out there that say things like, "I don't know how you do it!", or "I could never keep up with seven children!", trust me. I don't always "do it" either. And we won't discuss the times I've miss placed one or two of them either!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One of THOSE moments.

I spent Saturday putting together a couple of dresses for the girls. I think it is wonderful that my nine year old daughter loves to wear matching outfits with her two year old sister. Of course, I refuse to dress either of my daughters inappropriately for their age, so usually the material is the same, and the cut and make of dress different. They are just precious when matched together. So this weekend was jumpers for the girls. Both were simple enough to make, and I loved putting them together. Although I didn't figure out how to attach bloomers to Paulee's as it was a drop waist. Really meant to start making sure she had built in bloomers. It apparently is a must. Why you ask? Let me tell you.

A couple of weeks ago, a sweet couple from our church invited us to come eat lunch with them after church. Now the invitation is a huge deal. Being the pastor's family, we don't get Sunday invitations. Ever. Something about not letting the pastor know you eat out on the Sabbath Day or something. Or maybe it has more to do with the whole thing of our family being nine in total. Yes, NINE. Not a typo. Anyway, it was the man's birthday, and his mother-in-law's 97 birthday. And they wanted us to celebrate with them. We of course we the last ones to arrive because we somehow couldn't get everyone picked up from nurseries, home from church, loaded up, and to the restaurant in a timely fashion. Thankfully, it was a buffet, so everyone had started without us. Some had even finished without us! We were taken to the back room, where more than 40 of their family members were talking and eating together. I was really feeling special, and therefore giving my older kids "the look". You know, the one that says, "if you embarrass me or do anything remotely disobedient, it will be your last act upon this earth!" You know, because the massive lecture the whole ride over wasn't enough. And as soon as the jackets were off, we were walked around the entire room and introduced, (nothing like trying to be inconspicuous)and praised for having such a wonderful, well behaved family. Thanks. Now the bar has been set REALLY high. Lunch was great. Even with having to walk a half of a mile to get to the buffet and back, the kids did everything they portray on TV. Yep, Ozzie and Harriet, move over. The Busters are now the new standard! And, so as not to shatter that perception, we left before the I-am-tired-and-needed-to-start-my-nap-two-hours-ago syndrome started.

Everyone is loading up into the van (yes, huge church van like van) and I was playing with Paulee. Ran my finger up her leg to tickle her and ran into a MASSIVE surprise. The child did not have a diaper on. Oh yes. My two year old daughter was going commando! I looked at her, completely dumbfounded. Never before had I been at such a loss for words. I finally sputtered out something along the lines of "Where on God's green earth IS your diaper little girl?!" To which she calmly replied, "Oh, I didn't need it. It was yucky. It's at home."

Really? How did my oldest daughter know there wasn't a diaper on the little one as she was buckling the car seat straps? How did my HUSBAND not know when he carried her into the restaurant?! How come my Mommy sense didn't kick in and tell me she was stark naked underneath all that pink dress?! Then I stand there (still in the rain) trying figure out how to get her home without getting, ahem, stuff, all over her car seat. Yes, it was Heath who pointed out we had a diaper bag with us, and could just put one of those on her. I was still back there with the visuals of the naked hiney dancing at me from the van.

And to complete the entire trip? Walked in the front door, Paulee looks over to the corner by the couch, "There it is! See? Didn't need it." Yeah. We need built in bloomers. Trust me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's about time!

Whew! What a busy two weeks! I'm just going to post pictures of my completed sewing projects, and will be enjoying a steaming cup of tea with my feet propped up, while you ooh and ahh. As if. Glad I get to participate in Amy's Sew and Tell Friday finally. And man is it a list!
These three pillows where made
for some
children in Texas. They apparently LOVE them, which always makes the sewer happy! Sorry about the blurriness. I'm obviously not the best photographer!
Then I had things to make for my
niece's fourth birthday. These were a blast! Well, sort of... I did have a few issues with the dresses. They are gathered at the bottom to make them bubble dresses, and they are fully lined. I had the HARDEST time getting them sewn and flipped! Finally had to just work it backwards and beat it at it's own game. But they are the cutest dresses ever! Think I'll be making a whole army of them. And they are perfect for the fall and winter. Just add a long sleeve shirt underneath, and pair with a pair of leggings, and you've got the perfect cool weather outfit!

Thanks for looking, and happy sewing!

Monday, September 14, 2009


What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word joy? I think of a blue, fat, clay mation triceratops. That's the very first thing. Sad, huh. So, when my sweet sister, Teri, told me about her 100th post bonanza, I had to think of something else. And fast! So here are my thoughts on joy.

There are lots of things that bring me joy. The warm sun shining. Waking up to hear my older daughter singing to my younger daughter. Receiving a package in the mail. Spending hours in a fabric store, fondling the wares. Having uninterrupted time at my sewing machine. Rocking a newborn to sleep. And not having to put him down, because he isn't mine. Playing games with my kids. Cook out with friends. But these are all the easy ones. What about the times the diaper blows out in the middle of the grocery store, and you forgot the diaper bag. Or the entire gallon jug of red punch is suddenly flowing over the kitchen floor. How about the one hundredth time I'm having to tell the children to clean up their rooms. Or once again having to break up an argument over who's done more work. How about when the kitchen sink runneth over (I'll leave it to your imagination as to if that is just with dirty dishes, or actually running over. *ahem*). Are those times of joy as well?

Of course, my joy is made complete by my Heavenly Father. And at the end of the day, as I lay my head down to sleep, I let the events of the day wash over me. And in that still, quite moment, all things are counted joy. I am comforted knowing that one of the first and last things my Mom and Dad thought and prayed for were me, my family, my brother, and his family. I know that I have a husband who loves my completely, will never leave me, and is lifting us up to our Father. My children are loved, adored, innocent, and sweet. They love each other, and faithfully love me and their daddy. But most of all, I know, my steps are set in the heavens. I am unconditionally loved, and wanted by the Creator. He started this work in me. And through all the messes, tears, laughter, and heartache, He is finishing that work. That's what is joy to me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Six Years Ago, Today

Six years ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed in the maternity ward, exhausted from a VERY quick birth. I was so anemic, I couldn't raise my head up to eat. My dear mother sat by my bedside and fed me my turkey sandwich. And we were the only two in the room. That precious bundle we had waited so many months, was somewhere else in the hospital complex. Sitting on the table in front of me was a picture of a chubby, adorable baby, with countless tubes, monitors, needles, and other paraphernalia strapped to him. And the words still ringing in the air, "He's not responding the way we want him too. We think it is better to transfer him to Children's Hospital."

Our family spent the day separated from one another. Heath and my Dad stayed by our son's side, watching him being tested time and again, and never getting any answers. Mom and I quietly sat in my room, completely rocked to the core by the days events. The worst part of the entire day, was when the hospital needed room for more births, and asked if I would mind moving to one of the observation rooms, "since it's just you and no baby in this room."

I could go on for a very long time about the next 17 days. My amazing mother-in-law, Sue came and lived at our house for those three weeks, and took care of my three older children, while I spent my days hovering at the hospital. Our little gift was put on ventilator three different times, and I lost count how many times he needed small amounts of oxygen, feeding tubes went with the vent.

The joyous day came when our six and a half pound son, Heath Jr., was allowed to come home. We spent the entire winter in a quarantine of sorts. They did not know what had caused all his problems, so they were sure that a minor cold could very well be deadly. It was a rainy September day when I put our son in the car and drove him home (His father was home, sick).

I look at my never ending ball of energy this morning and cry fresh tears. Tears of joy, of appreciation, of love. Tears that my Father knows and understands. For He was there, healing my son, healing my heart, holding my husband up. So rejoice with me today. Rejoice for six years. Rejoice for a God who loves us. Rejoice for the Father who holds us. Again I say it. REJOICE!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm trying out the new craze. I'm not sure if I like it, although that's what we all say when we start something new. So if you are a fellow twitter-er, tweet me and say hello. Did I use all the right terminology? I feel so cool! Now to figure out how to add the button to this blog, and to link all my techno stuffs together. . .

Oh well, until I get it figured out, you can find me @BethSewAnyhow. Can't wait to meet you there!

Friday, August 14, 2009


The beginning of my very first quilt. No pattern. No template. Just me and my trusty sewing machine.

And this amazing tutorial at Old Red Barn Co. Dana is an AMAZING quilter! One of these days, she might even know I exist. Until then, I'll just play with my fabrics.I think I'm in love!

In the Blink of an Eye

My sweet child, just a few blinks ago.

Be still my heart! Where did the time go?

Blink again, and he'll be out the door. *sigh*

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm part of a giveaway!

Okay readers! It's time for a giveaway! Only, I'm not hosting it. My beautiful sister-in-law, Teri Lynn, is having a giveaway at her blog, and I'm just helping. So, head on over there and get started participating! What's up for grabs? One of those adorable twirl skirts I sew. It will be perfect for back to school! What?! You have a boy? Well, I doubt he gets near as excited about twirling as little girls. But don't worry. I will substitute for you! So what are you doing still here? Get moving!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nothin' fancy

Just a couple of pictures of a quick, 15 minute project. I sewed up a receiving blanket Sunday for a dear family and the welcoming of their tenth child. I had a couple of yards of this adorable flannel, and cut it to be 42" long to match the 42" wide it already was. Then I just folded the hem over twice and sewed it all the way around. I like to make boxes in the corners so there isn't any fabric or hems that stand up or flop around. I'll get pictures of what I mean on the other blanket I'll sew together tomorrow. I did do something I've never done before, and that is I used two different colors of thread. Don't get over stimulated or excited now. It took me probably as long to decide to do that as it did to sew this up. I used a cute blue about the color of the cars for the top thread, and a baby green the color of another car for the bobbin thread. I was so excited! Now one of these days I might get totally crazy and use a variegated thread! Or maybe put more than one color in on my serger! That may be awhile seeing that I've never used anything but white on that machine! Change takes time, so we'll take baby step by baby step!

When it's cold outside....

My baby girl turned two yesterday. While the party isn't until Saturday, I captured a few minutes of alone time with the birthday girl and thought I would share.

She does have a little attitude from time to time.And ALWAYS has personality to boot!
Her favorite place to be. In Mommy's bathroom. What a character.....I've got my Paulee Rae. I guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way? My girl.

My Girl

She turned two yesterday. To see more, visit here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun in Blogger World

So you can see I joined the Blog Hop '09. I have no idea WHAT that is, but my sister-in-law posted about it, and it looked fun. Plus, it was way less involved that that whole spring cleaning thing I tried because of her. I have had so much fun with all the people that are hopping by! Thanks to all who have ventured over, and to Teri Lynne for suggesting (although she didn't know it) this activity! For those of you hopping, this is a brand new blog for me, and you can learn more about me and my crazy life over at my other blog Half a Dozen or the Other. It was so named when we only had six kids, and my hubby got to be "the other". But number seven is now here, so he gets to be the "other" in my life. I've been on a mini vacation at my parent's house while Heath is at church camp with our youth, so no new pictures or projects. But I will have loads of new posts as soon as I get home tomorrow. So be sure to come back!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Hop '09 ~ Hey everybody!

So I am so new to this whole blog thing, and am not sure what I am doing. Hopefully you enjoy this introduction!

~I am the wife of Heath.
~Mother to our seven children. Their ages are:10, 9, 8, 5, 3, 2, 8 months
~We are a homeschooling family.
~I am learning the joys of what it is to be a pastor's wife.
~Crazy, just plain crazy about sewing!
~Read nearly any book. Currently reading a history book titled "Blood and Thunder".
~Am NOT an organized person, but would love to live in a house full of labeled containers.
~Just loving living my blessed life the Lord is leading through.

That's me in a nutshell. I should be careful using the word nut when describing myself, some may believe I am! Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twirl Skirts

We have two adorable twins in our church, and they turned four yesterday. So I whipped together two skirts for them to have for the fall. The skirt isn't hard to put together, as long as you are paying attention. I unfortunately was not. I had a few distractions. My nearly two year old daughter Paulee has decided that diapers constrain her, so she takes them off. I know. So I think maybe she'd like to wear underwear, and will potty train really quick. Nope. Doesn't like that either. So I'm trying to sew, and have to clean up two "accidents" within minutes of each other. I just sit back down, when Heath Jr. starts screaming. Seems Terry bit him on the back. Really. What would have possessed him?! I get back to my machine, and sew about three more stitches, and turn to see Paulee walking out of my bathroom covered in toothpaste. She's quite proud, and has removed her diaper again. She decides panties would be okay to wear, and I get her cleaned up, and get back to the skirt. And then hear her scream. She's in my bathroom again, desperately trying to remove the panties. Am I glad I caught her! She pooped in them. Nice. I get that mess cleaned, laundry started, and back to the machine to finish. I head to the ironing board to press my seams to realize I sewed the ruffle on inside out. No, wait. SERGED the ruffle on inside out. This is after the gather stitches broke. TWICE! I'm glad I love those little girls, or this would have been one project that would have been a total waste of money, as it would have landed in the trash bin!

But once I got everything sewed together, in the correct direction, they turned out adorable! I figured these would last them through the fall, and could be something that they can wear to preschool as well. I didn't get pictures at the party. One of the girls put hers on for a while and discovered the twirling capabilities. But it was such a whirlwind of tissue paper and ribbons that I didn't get a picture snapped before she had it off so she could try on some dress up clothes. I do love this pattern, and plan on sewing lots more. Just have to give myself a few days break from it. I still growl every time I see the material! And since you can't see the detail of the material, I included a close up. I found this at Joann's from the Heidi Grace collection. It is just meant for little girls dresses and clothes!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Pillows!

So, I have a mean streak. I had a Great Aunt that would chase me all over her house with her "meany finder" (I always thought she was saying meany finger) when I was very little and would tickle me to within inches of peeing myself when she found that meaness. Well, she's no longer here to chase it out of me, and I can't help but feel a little bit ornery. So, I have two pillows I am going to deliver next week, and since I know that Hardy and Abigail's mom follows my blog, I am NOT going to show her the finished product. Nope. You'll just have to settle for these pictures! I'll post the real pictures after next week!

Oh, and check back tomorrow for pictures of these AMAZING skirts I made for our friend's twin girls. They are just precious!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's in the mail!

I just finished my first online pillow order! It has turned out to be absolutely adorable. I have been wanting to do a "cowboy" themed pillow for someone, and jumped at the chance when I got an email from my sister-in-law's friend. And when I went outside to take pictures, some of our neighborhood friends wanted to join in. I tried really hard to get both the pillow and horses in one shot, but they were too tall, I didn't want to poke holes in the pillow with the barbed wire, and if I got the pillow too close to the horses, they tried to sample it. So we'll settle for a shot of the three at the fence and then another one of the pillow. It was also very difficult to do all by myself, so just pretend my hand isn't in the picture. It was so very hot outside as well. I don't know, somewhere around 105 degrees or something like that.

The pillow went together with only a few mishaps. Things that just are an irritant, nothing major that would be of interest. And I'll leave you with one last picture. But if you are Savannah Smiles, and don't want to know what the pillow looks like until it arrives in the mail in a few days, then I'd stop reading at the end of this paragraph. For all the rest of you readers, isn't this the most adorable little boy pillow! What fun he can have playing and imagining with this!

I told you it was adorable!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Give away!

Not mine yet. I"m working on that one. But there is a great giveaway going on over at the Fabric Shopper that I thought I would share. But if you win, we'll have to figure out some kind of a time share on that bag! They are giving away a beautiful Amy Butler bag. Fully put together, ready to use bag. It's pretty cool! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Little Tuffet

This is my very first entry to my new blog. For those of you who follow my personal blog, thanks for joining me here. If this is your first time to my blog, welcome. I am going to be writing and showing you my newest creations, giving some tutorials, and hopefully will of course be doing giveaways along the way. Please feel free to join this blog as a follower, and I can't wait to see where this ride takes us.

Our family was invited to a wedding this last Friday. And of course Thursday evening, I realized I couldn't show up without gift in hand. So I came up with something that met my gift requirements. Crafty, unique, personal, and preferably hand made. PracticalitiesI leave to the professionals. That's just not my thing. So I looked through my fabrics and supplies, modified a children's pillow that I make, and came up with a grown up version that I think is stunning.

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the back. But it is a tan plaid with the same browns and greens. I just thought this would be a little treasure for them to have throughout their entire marriage, and maybe become a family heirloom. Well, that may be pushing it a little bit, but a girl can dream!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its the start of a LONG short week.

I'm beginning the process of transferring old posts from my original blog. Here is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy a look back into our life, and subscribe as one of my followers so you don't miss any of these "re-runs"!
Originally posted May 26, 2009 (We only had seven children then)

How uncool is this? ( I use the word uncool, not because I'm a dork, although I know at least one reader that is giggling, but because unfair is equal to a cuss word in our house.) This is one of those rare short weeks. Some holidays just happen and that's that. May's holiday seems to just make the week seem extra short even if you don't officially do anything to celebrate. But this week has suddenly been anything but. Heath, Malcolm, and Jeffie Jean all three left this morning for our associational children's camp. Wow has today gone on forever.

The kids were up WAY to late last night. We won't go into detail about the irresponsible adults that were involved, but it was far beyond reasonable for children to still be awake. Heath got up early, got the two oldest up, and of course the ball of energy bounced right up out of her bed to join the big kids. Paulee Rea was of course a ray of sunshine as she always is in the morning. But we'll get to what she was later further in this post. All the campers were out the door by eight. Jeffie Jean had to come back into the house four or five times. She is always so sure of herself and never afraid of anything, but she was nervous about going to camp. At one point she was shaking. Of course, she'll have forgotten all about that as soon as the bus and she is let loose to rule the bunkhouse.

So I then turned around and had five children looking at me, and wanting me to instruct, entertain, and direct for the rest of the day. Ugh. Not that I don't do this, but the older two and Heath do quite a bit each day. The morning wasn't bad. I had some "school" things for Heath-er to work on, and Daniel, Terry, and Paulee played, colored and entertained themselves until it was time to go to the bank and post office. Going to the post office is a huge adventure. Huge. It took me nearly 15 minutes to get them all into the van, buckled in, all my stuff collected, keys found, and pulling out of the drive. All for a 15 minute errand. But, it broke up the morning, and put Paulee to sleep. So off to bed she went upon our arrival home, and I finished helping Heath and got Daniel started on a new art project.

Lunch was leftovers, thank goodness, and fairly uneventful. But then the afternoon started. I swear we entered some kind of time continuum and for like every 5 seconds of life, only one clicked off the clock. Paulee got up too early for her normal time, so was off all afternoon. Terry got into everything. He bounced the rubber balls all over the kitchen. They landed in the sink, on the stove, on top of the 'fridge, under the stove. Not to mention the trucks that were being driven all over the floor and underneath me. Heath and Daniel were allowed video game time, and were good as long as they both wanted to play the same thing. I hate mediating arguments over what game to play. Let's just say I usually don't. Don't come whining to Mom, or it all gets put up. Daniel finished his art drawing. It's awesome. Paulee and Terry colored on papers as well. Heath ran around yelling and laughing. I was thinking it was about time to start winding down for dinner and nighttime stuff, but the clock thought differently. It was only two o'clock. TWO! P.M. You have got to be kidding me!

I looked outside and saw the tent that Heath put up yesterday and left up. So it was off to the great outdoors for the four to play. I stayed in to feed Anderson, and the others took the sleeping bags out to the tent to play and pretend. Although these are bags that are rated for freezing weather and it was like 90 something out there. So they were told to NOT get into them, but to lay on top of them as they imagine. They mostly listened, and no one had a heat stroke, so I guess it worked. By the time Anderson finished eating, burped, puked, and I changed clothes, I figured it was time to hand out popsicles and then let the kids inside.

As I walked outside, Paulee Rea stared yelling. As usual. That's her common form of communication. I didn't really pay too much attention to her. They were all running around barefoot because they had taken their shoes off at the tent door, and of course didn't put them back on, so when she was favoring her foot, I just figured Terry ran over it with his truck. So I sat down on the porch, and bribed her to come to me with the popsicle. I gave the other three their treat as Paulee hobbled over to us. When she sat down I looked at her foot. Oops. She had a splinter. OOPS!!!!! That's no ordinary splinter! There is something fuzzy connected to it. WHAT?! Oh good gravy. That's a bee butt! She had stepped on a bee and gotten stung. So being the good mom I am, I sat there and made sure she got her popsicle, and that everyone knew the rules of eating them, then went inside and got the Benedryll. Her heel was all red, and had this huge white whelp growing out from the sting and up her leg. Just my luck. Did I think pleasant thoughts? Was I concerned for her well being? What was my main worry? "I'm going to have to load all the kids up again by myself and make an ER run without any help. How do I get so lucky?" Of course, she was fine, and I just was guilty of being uncaring.

Dinner finally came. Showers and baths were given, and everyone was in bed at a normal time. Heath just called. Kids are doing well, although Jeffie Jean apparently has a new vocabulary word that she decided to use when she kicked a foul ball. Great. As usual, it's the PK that is the hoodlum. Actually, she did use very inappropriate language, but doesn't know what she did. Other than that, they are doing very well. And I'm tired. It's about time to put this Momma to bed. And it will all start again first tomorrow when the sun comes up!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Little Boys

Originally posted in February of 2009, this is also one of my favorites. The boys' ages are now 2 yrs, 4yrs, 7 yrs, 9 yrs, 12 yrs, and 35 yrs. And the things that were banned then? Still are. And so is bed hopping, ultimate monster tag, and veggie racing is soon to be added to the black listed games. You have got to love their imagination and enthusiasm.

My house is filled with little boys. They range from the age of 2 months to 34 years. There are six of this species with which me and my girls co-exist. So we have plenty of excitement around here. I sometimes pray for the chance to be inside the mind of a boy for an hour or so. But then, I come to my senses and pray that I just learn to cope and interact with that little boy mind. Take for instance the bathroom wars. My three oldest boys have been banned from going to the bathroom at the same time. Did I hear someone ask why? Well, you know the game flashlight wars, or possibly you call it flashlight tag? Everyone has a flashlight in a dark room and you chase each others beam of light around the room until you "catch" it. Well, my boys play this game in the bathroom. Picture three boys standing around a toilet, chasing each others pee until one catches someone else's stream and wins the war. I refused to clean up after the last game. Made them clean their own mess, and then put a "take-a-number" device at the door so they had to wait their turn.

Maybe you can answer this question. Why do boys shove their dirty socks and underwear under the bed? Since you are already taking a shirt and pair of pants to the dirty clothes room, is there a reason the socks and underwear get left behind? Are they too dirty for the hamper? Is it embarrassing to trek your unmentionables through the house? Maybe they think that underclothes are disposable, and will trash them all when the underside of the bed is full. Or is it that special weapon that keeps all bedtime monsters at bay? Whatever the reason, I'm really tired of the toxic fumes that seep from there and just wish the clothes would get to the basket so I can bleach them.

My favorite and also my most cursed moment was a few years ago when they made up a new game. Malcolm, Daniel and Jeffie Jean were in need of entertainment, and invented powder tag.. That's right. Sounds exactly what the name implies. Each one of them had a bottle of baby powder, and chased each other around the house squeezing the powder out at the other players. It looked like they had the time of their lives. My house looked like the North Pole. Where was I? Taking 30 seconds to go to the bathroom.

I'd like to start something new in my blog. It's the "Funny things overheard in the Buster house". Just thought I'd share a few quotes with you.

Daniel: "Hey, is Anderson old enough for a bottle now?
Beth: "Sure. We're going to try and see if he'll take it."
Daniel: "Good! Now you can let your chests have a rest."

Terry: "Leave me 'lone, Momma!"
Beth: "Don't you tell me 'leave me 'lone'!"
Terry: "(sigh) No say no, no say leave me 'lone. What I say?!"

I know there were more, but I didn't think about this until late in the week. I'll write them down this week so I can share next weekend. I'll leave you with one last quote.

Heath Jr: "Hey Momma. You know, um, well, is God ever going to stop giving us babies?"