Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our kids love listening to CDs in the car. Recently, we discovered they enjoy listening to books and other audio stories as well.  So when The World’s Greatest Stories arrived, we couldn't wait to listen. Th

e World’s Greatest Stories are dramatized tellings of the Biblical narrative. The text is straight from your choice of the NIV (New International Version) or KJV (King James Version) with nothing added or taken away. They are read by George W. Sarris who desired to increase Biblical literacy in children. He saw the need to produce an auditory Bible that was true to the words of the text, didn’t add characters or remove any of the actual events from the telling but still keep it captivating for children to listen to. 
There are currently six volumes in The World’s Greatest Stories Collection. The Crew reviewed Volume 1 The Prophets; which included tellings of The Blazing Furnace, The Handwriting on the Wall, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal and The Prophecy of Jonah. Other Volumes include:
2. The Life of Christ
3. Beginnings
4. Joshua and Esther
5. Jospeh and His Brothers
6. Defeating Giants
Each CD is about an hour long so they are great for car trips, to have playing during chore time or to have in as the children are going to bed at night. And at just $7.95 a CD (or cassette tape) they are reasonably priced for just about any budget. If you order six or more items in one transaction, shipping is even free!


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