Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Plan for the Week of March 5th

This week brings more sickness to our house. I have had it as has Heath. And we were great parents and shared with our children. Two more woke up sick today, so that is four that have been sick, with four more to go. So today is full of movie watching, reading books, and cuddling when the headaches and fevers are just too much to bear alone.

But, amazingly enough, appetites have not diminished, so here is what we are eating this week for dinner!

Monday- Meatball Subs with side salads
Tuesday- Italian Chicken and rice
Wednesday- Egg Casserole with fruit
Thursday- Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps
Friday- Homemade Mac and Cheese
Saturday- Leftover Buffet
Sunday- Spaghetti with green beans and salad

The recipe for the subs is actually a burger recipe I think. But instead of making patties, I just use my small cookie scoop and make meatballs.  And you absolutely have to make the chicken wraps. We cannot seem to get enough of those! I'll post an original recipe next week, God willing, but this week, head on over to Organizing Junkie's Menu Planning Monday for more dinner ideas!

We are opening windows, airing out the house, and washing bedding. Hopefully we will be done with sick babies soon!


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