Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here is another Bible Curriculum I was able to review this year.  Again, it is a wonderful, in-depth look at the Bible, with lots of personal digging and work to learn the Bible for yourself.

From Bill Burtness, author, Judah Bible Curriculum:
"With the Judah Bible Curriculum, it is helpful to remind ourselves just what we are trying to accomplish in our study of the Scriptures. 
The primary product of our education is the character of our kids - Godly (loving), self-governing under God (responsible), self-educating before God (literate).  We want applying God's word to all of life to be second nature for our children.  As they understand the truth from the Scriptures, they will be able to discern what is false.  They will need this basis in truth as they grow up and finally leave the nest on their own.  So we are building our children's worldview and future. 
As we have seen, freedom in society is dependent on this Godly character, so we are also building future civilization as we train our children.  This is serious and actually does take some labor and some thought.  But it's not beyond us. (Deut. 6:4-12, I John 5:3)
These concepts and ideals were common thinking when America was founded and through much of our history, but in the last several generations they have not been taught and we have really lost it.  So we are floundering."


The main concepts for the study are:
The hand of God in History, The hand of God in the life of the individual, the importance of Godly Christian character, and learning the relationship between individual Christian character and national liberty.
The Judah Bible Curriculum also focuses on the intelligence of following God-which really appeals to me since many Christians today are made to feel less educated than their liberal neighbors.
A strong Bible focus and background is one of the main reasons we personally chose to homeschool, and with this curriculum I feel like we are finally going to be able to do just that. I have spent a long time studying this curriculum, as it is teacher-intensive.

There are key sheets to fill out, and you are encouraged to add maps, timelines, and essays as well. There is a PDF of example student work to help you see what a student notebook should look like. There is even a teacher walk-through that holds your hand!
The other great thing about this curriculum is it teaches your child how to extract information, not just answer questions. I really think this Bible curriculum is fabulous, and all ages can use this curriculum' K-adult.
Every year you will teach the main ideas and principles of the Bible, but the student will be studying different details. Judah Bible Curriculum calls these details Bible Keys and they include individuals, events, institutions, and documents. This allows you to design the daily study to fit your family with the doctrinal emphasis left to you. A summary of the Bible Keys you will study can be seen in the Scope and Sequence.
The Judah Bible Curriculum can be purchased as a download ($44.00) or hard copy ($69.00) and includes:
  • Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Manual or e-book
  • Elementary Notebook Ideas Booklet, download or view online
  • Eight-lecture Teacher Training Seminars on CD, download or listen online

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  1. This sounds really good and well put-together! How wonderful to be able to use it when homeschooling your kids, grounding them in the Bible. :)