Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good things come in little packages

If you have kept up with things, I have had a VERY long month. Starting at week 32 of my pregnancy, I've been on a modified bed rest schedule. It wasn't official, doctor's orders, do not get out of bed kind of bed rest. But it was, doctor said take it easy, if working causes contractions, don't work, let the rest of the family take care of everything kind of rest. And I still had issues with contractions. Still had to take labor stopping medicine on occasion. Still had awful side effects to the medicines. And prayed daily for my fraying emotions.

And then my dear doctor took pity on me. At least that's why I
think he decided to induce me. I made it to week 37, and the game was on. Heath and I walked around the area mall waiting for a phone call from the hospital as to when the induction would begin. We discussed names, since I still didn't know what the sex of our baby was. I decided if it was a girl, she was doomed. We had no names, and not much else prepared for a girl. Not that we had a ton ready for a boy either. But at least there was a name, a blanket made, and a Mom who was ready to see her next boy. The induction wouldn't be until the next day, so Heath and I headed to my parents house to spend the night.

We arrived the next morning early, anxious, and ready for what the day would bring. At least, so
I thought. The induction didn't move as fast as all my others did. And when my doctor came and broke my water, labor didn't progress as fast then either. Usually, the doctor has to stay very close by when my water is broken, because it is less than an hour from that point that a new baby is in my arms. Not so this time! This was probably my most painful delivery, and almost my longest. Finally, it was time for this sweet baby to join us, and my doctor did something amazing. He let Heath deliver his own child. And low and behold, wouldn't you know it?! It wasn't that big, healthy boy I'd been dreaming of. It was this tiny, sweet, beautiful little girl that was blessed to us. Welcome to the family Georgia Beth! You are loved beyond belief.

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