Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Lie, Two Seven

This is actually a date. A date that will forever be burned into our memories. One that will be talked about through the ages, and will be family lore. Or at least something that is always laughed over on this particular day. This is the day, three years ago, our sweet, yet sassy, second daughter (sixth child) joined our family. Now, that in itself, is enough to never forget the day, but it's not what I'm writing about today.

It all started the end of April. We were teaching our son, Terry, his
birth date. He was very soon to turn four, and we were reminding him of the date. Nothing doing, Paulee needed to know when HER birthday would be. So we told her, July 27th. And that's when it began. "My birfday is TWO LIE, TWO SEVEN!" She announced this to everyone. Sunday school teachers, relatives, the cashier at Wal-Mart. She didn't care. She knew her birth date, and she was going to be "two-ree".

Finally, two and a half months later, her birthday arrived. What a day it was. I had been on bed rest for a week and a half. I was able to bake her cake and decorate it. Heath and the kids took care of all the cleaning and other prep work for the day. And little Miss Paulee Rea was wound up tight! She had been telling me since May that she wanted a purple, orange, and blue birthday with stars and hearts. Really?! Now what kind of theme is that?! But inspiration hit, and this is what I came up with.

And now we have one more year that has passed with our Paulee Rea. Can't say it was a breeze, but it sure was a hoot. That little girl, tiny as she may be, packs a punch! She is definitely living up to her name sake, and keeping us in stitches! I love you, my baby girl. Happy Birthday.

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