Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Curiosity Files - Platypus

I have had the pleasure of reviewing my very first unit study from The Curiosity Files published by The Old School House.

We are new to the company and to The Curiosity Files studies. But upon receiving our copy of Platypus, we are hooked. Beginning with the quirky "Professor Ana Lyze" (she has a certain Magic School Bus air about her) to the very well put together study, my children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the platypus.

The study didn't skimp on the science of the animal. Quite the opposite. And being from a very science oriented family, I was impressed. My ten year old was so impressed with the explanation of taxonomy, he is working on a classification system for his Webkinz. This study also includes copy work, math, Bible work, geography, spelling, and arts and crafts.

My kids have really enjoyed doing the work in this study. I am asked everyday is it time yet to work on the platypus? And being able to integrate the study into other areas of work are wonderful. I have children in grades 2nd to 7th, and they have all found things to do in the study. It is a good mix for multiple grade levels. And with the links given for more research, my children are going to be able to continue to learn now that their curiosity has been roused!

The one thing that would have helped with the study would be if there was a lesson plan guide line or time line of some sort. I'm not really sure if this is a week study, month study, or quarter study. But other than that, The Curiosity Files seem to be self explanatory.

And now there are pleas to find more Curiosity Files, so we will be visiting The Old School House for more. You can look through the different files for yourself here. Or if you would like the Platypus Files for only $6.95, go to this link. And if you are still unsure, there are a few Files listed right now for $1.00 here. We are probably going to purchase a bundled set here.

**I was given a copy of this E-book for the purpose of reviewing. The opinions are mine.


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  1. Hi Beth! We did the Zombie Fire Ant Curiosity File earlier this year and had a lot of fun! I know my children would enjoy the platypus one as well! I'm glad you all liked it and had fun learning together!