Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mom of the Year

So, I was teasing my friend Erin about her recent post about being THAT Mom. She suggested I write about some of my shining moments as a parent, and wouldn't you know it, this weekend has given me loads of "blogger bites".

We sat down to eat lunch today, and I discovered Anderson has a HUGE burn blister on two of his fingers. Really. How does an eleven month old burn himself that bad, and I don't notice? Or could it have been yesterday when I sat his veggies in front of him without letting them cool, and he screamed for the next 10 minutes after grabbing them? Great Mom, I know.

How about when I was trying Paulee's shoes on her so I could make sure everything was on point for the big "matching sisters" act at church this morning. Hum...they were too small. No biggie right? Until I went to the store and found out I had been putting shoes TWO sizes too small on her for the last month. Yep, great Mom I am!

Not only am I a wonderful Mom, I the perfect house wife too. Move over Martha! Decided to make tuna fish salad and egg salad to use up all the eggs we had. Yeah. Got distracted (I'll claim it was the kids, NOT the computer), and burned them. BURNED. Not overcooked. Not too hard. Burned. Seriously. Ever burned hard boiled eggs? There was not a single drop of water left in the pot. The shells were scorched. All the way through to the egg whites! Yep. I was on a roll this weekend!

We also made a run to the ER. Little Terry started running a very high fever very suddenly. Decided to take him in to the ER since there is every kind of flu known to man kind and the animal kingdom as well going around here. Not to mention strep, and a bunch of unknown causes for serious illnesses. Sat there for five hours to be told he didn't have anything. Oh, and to be told I was failing as a Mom. Yep. Those were the words that the Doctor spoke. Out loud. To my face. We're lucky Heath was holding Terry, or there could have been stitches needed before we left. (And not any of us) Just so you know. Ice and water are apparently the wrong thing to give your child. At least according to that doctor. But, I did get something from the visit to blog about, so we'll just be done with it.

So that's my post for the day. For all of you out there that say things like, "I don't know how you do it!", or "I could never keep up with seven children!", trust me. I don't always "do it" either. And we won't discuss the times I've miss placed one or two of them either!


  1. First of all...burning hard boiled eggs is plain funny! How many times have I put something on the stove or in the oven and have completely forgotten about it!!! Too many times to count!

    Second of all...that ER doc was an absolute jerk!!!! You're a good mommy!

  2. I was giggling all through this post. Not at you but because I've done all of the above...and more! And I agree with Nikki on the ER Dr. They are always crabby. Anyway, I always go away from reading your stories with a smile. We're a lot alike. Oh and my son was wearing a size 5 shoe...5 and when I got him a new pair they were a 9...NINE. He didn't complain how was I to know. :) Have a great week!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one giggling. Maybe this week will be better. :)

  4. When the ER doc tried to tell me that I shouldn't have brought my almost 2 year old in for swallowing a thumbtack I lost all respect for ER docs. I'm sure they are good in an actual life-threatening emergency, but if they have to actually discuss something with a family member, they are useless. (Turns out she didn't swallow a thumbtack - but when a kid is screaming in pain and telling you it happened, it's not a chance I'm going to take!) The doc told me "they actually pass through easily" - again, not a chance I'm going to take.

    And I frequently lose a child and I only have 3! (Granted, she takes off and wanders, but I do *try* to keep her with us!)

  5. I loved this! And I have to say, burning boiled eggs is quite an accomplishment! :)

  6. Beth-Annie never ran a fever when she was little. NEVER. I'd take her in for a well-check, only to find out that she had a raging ear infection or strep throat. She was not a happy baby, so incessant crying was the norm. How was I to know that she had an infection when she didn't run a fever? The military ER docs were the worst. They would underling things in the chart with a red pencil.

    As for the burnt boiled eggs...I have a wonderful set of pots and pans that Ed got for me several years ago. I love them. But I keep a $6 pot that I can throw away when I burn things in it. My darling daughter actually burned a copper pot of mine up. The bottom was stuck to the burner (had to replace that) and there was this perfect hole in the bottom of the pot.

    What you are is an honest-to-goodness, genuine, REAL mother. With a wonderful ability to laugh at yourself and find humor in your children. I think you are delightful!
    (sorry to be so late in reading...I'm catching up on blogs this morning while it is quiet at work!)