Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boxing in

This is what we did today. We worked from first thing this morning, all the way to dinner. Well, Heath did. Kids took lots of play breaks, and if you look close, you can see the chair in which I did most of the supervising. There was a late lunch, and a longer break than intended, but everything that needed to get finished today was completed. And this "Little Hen House" that I had envisioned looks more like a "Cluckingham Palace" at this point! It just looks huge! And after we get the A-frames up this week, it will just look massive. But that's okay, the chooks will love the luxury, and Heath will love having his shop back!

I guess in all fairness, I will show you what didn't get done. This is today's laundry. At least of it. It's kind of hard to see, but it's quite a bunch. Trust me. I don't think I've seen the bottom of the pile in forever!

This is the dishes. Shhh... Don't tell, but I didn't wash them up last night after dinner. So now I have last night's to do, AND tonight's. Can we say FAIL! Oh well, it's just the way it goes around here some days. I promise, I'm not going to lose sleep over dirty dishes or laundry!

I thought that I would post these pics so I could squelch the rumors running around that I am Superwoman or that I "do it all". Nope. Some days I get work done, other days I play with my sewing machine, play outside, or answer the call of the couch. The hard part is to make sure the playing doesn't get more time than the cleaning!


  1. Oh I love it! That looks like my kitchen! Hope Cluckingham Palace gets finished soon ;)

  2. Oh Beth...I haven't seen the bottom of the laundry pile in...well, at least 8 years. I kindof laughed b/c it looks a lot like our laundry pile only we don't have room for it next to our washer and dryer so the hamper is in...the master bedroom. YEP. Very romantic. :)

  3. Ours too, Stephanie. One day I'll post before and after pics of our bedroom. It is the storage room with a place to sleep right now! I did see the bottom of the laundry bin once, then turned around to see five children with arm loads of dirty clothes they "just found" in their bedrooms!