Thursday, April 29, 2010

Passion. It shows up early!


This is our Paulee Rea (pronounced Polly Ray, but used family names and spellings). She is two and a half years old. She has been holding entire conversations for a year and a half or more. We've been able to understand them for the last year. She is stubborn, obstinate, and to say she is strong willed would be the understatement of the year. She is the personality spitting image of me. I over heard my Mom say to her once, "I did this once already. I'm not going to do it again. Do what I told you, or go find your Mother." Our new phrase we are trying right now is "Obey your Mommy/Daddy with a happy heart". We get a 50/50 response to that one. But we're working on it. And for all her "faults", this little girl melts your heart and keeps us laughing minute by minute. She is so very passionate about everything she does. And therefore puts her entire self into whatever she is doing. Just like in the video. She just HAD to do her "pano lessons". It was past her bed time, crazy loud around the house, but she had been obedient, so she was allowed to play. And I'm so glad I let her.

Today the older kids are off to piano lessons. She has had her own here at the house, gotten herself dressed, brushed her teeth and hair (hopefully not with the same implement this time), washed her face (and everything within 5 feet of her. What a water mess!), helped feed and water the chicks, checked on new growth in the garden, rotated laundry, and "helped" me fold two loads of clothes. Now, she can fold pants decent enough that I don't have to go back and refold them, but only if they are the three youngest children's pants. Do you know how fast I have to fold to get everything else done before she folds the three or four pj pants in the load?! Otherwise, she folds, twists, wads, and smashes shirts and such into piles, and then melts down if she sees me refold them! Whew, she has kept me busy this morning! And to reward the hard work, the rarely seen servant attitude, and the obedience, she is outside with two of her brothers swinging to her little heart's content. And that, my friends, is our precious Paulee Rea!


  1. Beth, she is truly precious! I do love to read about your wonderful family and look forward to more postings, when you have time! :)

  2. She is so sweet:)
    We use the, "obey with a happy heart" around here too:)

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!! I can't wait til August when I get to come see you all again!!!! Give my Paulee a hug from her Granny Sue and tell Terry his b'day gift is on it's way.

  4. She was mad when you weren't home Sue! She wanted to talk to here Granny Sue! She also says you are going to sit "right here" and play your "pano lessons" too! And you are going to get her puppy and bring him. And he can sleep in her bed at night. "That's all for now. She has more to say to you later". What a mess she is!!!

  5. This just may become my official first thing to do in the morning....listen to my start my day off with a smile and remind me that Jesus loves me!