Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have got to be the worst blogger in all history. I haven't posted anything since December 9th. That was five months ago! We've had three birthdays, three or more MAJOR holidays, additions to our family, and all the chaos of everyday life. And not one word from me. Oops. Can't say that I will catch you up, but we'll try and go from here.

There are some changes that are going to be occurring here hopefully sooner rather than later. My dear SIL Teri Lynne is going to help me change up the look. Of course, it would help if I told her what I want. But that's beside the point. We are still busy raising the all seven children, and waiting for number eight to make it's appearance late in the summer. We are also starting to raise chickens and a garden. Should prove to be at least comical, if not helpful. I'd like to include more of our everyday stuff and not just my sewing things. Hence the need to change up the look just a little bit.

And since I don't like posts without pictures, I will show you what I worked on yesterday. I was teaching myself a new technique. I am not a huge fan of gather stitches, but every little girl has to have plenty of twirly skirts and dresses, so I'm stuck with endless amounts of gathering.
Until yesterday when I decided to try hand pleating. Not too bad considering I hate to use
excessive amounts of pins! I did finish it yesterday, but am waiting until I finish the second skirt for the younger daughter before I get any finished pictures. Hopefully that will push me to blog again. Because it would just be mean to leave you hanging for another five months to see the finished product. At least I think so! I'm going to shoot for some pictures of the chicks as well. They are only two weeks old and have already lost their adorable, cuddly look for a more gangly, adolescent, grungy persona. It's hilarious the personality that already comes with them!

That's a quick hello. Let me know if you are still out there, or if you have given up hope for me!


  1. Helloooo...I didn't give up on you, b/c I understand a little of what goes on with big families. You commented on a post I wrote about dealing with the way people react when they find out you're having... another baby. It made me feel better to know I wasn't alone. So thanks. I hope you're feeling well and am glad to see you back. :)

  2. I haven't given up ... and I'm going to work on your new design ... with or without you!! :) I love you, my sister!

  3. I love the look of Erin's new layout if that helps. And I'm just not good and searching for pictures to post for my header. Any ideas?

  4. I love your look, but I understand being ready for a change. Look like there's a lot going on in your life! (And appropriately, the word verification is "messes")

  5. Ronnica~ "messes", that's just too funny. I love the look I have now as well. Teri Lynne worked this one up as well. But I want to include a few other things, so it's onward and forward! Thanks for stopping by!