Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you remember watching Sesame Street?  I still sing my numbers to 12 and can see the pin ball game going as it counts up to twelve. I can name dozens of characters, and know many of the skits by heart. I only recently found out that Snuffy is Big Bird's imaginary friend. I'm not sure I agree with that, nor do I think I like it. I mention all this so I don't sound quite as goofy when I reveal an idea I had.

Everyone remembers the letter of the day and number of the day. And maybe they had this too; I don't remember. But in our house, we have begun instituting a word of the day. It's nothing fancy. Not even a big word most of the time. We're not building vocabulary, reading, or spelling skills. We are building Christ skills.  This came to me as I was reading and praying through Brooke McGlothin's book, Warrior Prayers.  We haven't begun having a word everyday yet. But we are slowly integrating them into our day. One day, the word of the day (WOTD) was patience. Another day, it was gentleness. Yesterday, the WOTD was serve. The kids learned they can serve each other and Heath and I just as much as they can someone outside of the home. In fact, while we made a quick trip to the store, the kids stayed home and cleaned, like seriously cleaned, two rooms of the house. You would not believe the sense of accomplishment they had. They were beaming when we returned home.

Of course, most of the words come about because of behavioral issues that are going on.  But instead of the constant disciplining, arguing, yelling (yes, I still haven't broke that habit), stressing, and all out discord, we are focusing on one thing at a time. And making it something for the entire family to work on together. We are all learning/brushing up on our Christ skills. The best part? When little Paulee Rea leaned over and asked me to pray for her to be like the word of the day.



    I still yell from time to time myself...like when I am on the computer and I can hear them and they are breaking into my concentration...STOP IT!! ...maybe the first WOTD is for me. :0) great post!

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  3. Aww...
    great post!
    'Discovered' you bc of your post on the Homeschool Village. I'll be hangin' around awhile!