Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You have questions?

I've got answers!!

I am in the process of collecting up questions you all have always wanted to ask me, but never thought you could.  I'm putting them all together for a blog series/ebook possibility.  So here is your chance.  Ask that question you have just been dying to know. You know, like, where does everyone sleep?! How do you NOT lose someone when you go to the store? Or, how can you possibly think with all those people around all the time?! So go ahead, ask away!!


Photo used by permission from Salvatore Vuono

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  1. Well, ok i will be the first.... how have you taught your children to love each other the way you have. we are trying that with caydence and paxtyn and i would love to have your tips oh wise sister in law. i also just want to say that you and your family are a blessing to me and my family. i love how you guys "stick out" EVERYWHERE for being such a different family. you are a unit and i love it