Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My neighbor

This guy/gal has been showing up often at our house. This particular day, it was for a birthday party. One night, it showed up for dinner (found it in the chicken coop eating an egg). As long as it doesn't try for a slumber party, it will be welcome. Living where we do, I'll keep the "good" snakes. While this one isn't the best snake to have around (You want a King snake. They eat all the venomous ones), it does eat mice, rats, and other small rodents. So it has a home for now.

So tell me, do you have odd visitors at your home?
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  1. LOL. I tell Gregg all the time I want to move to Texas and he's says I couldn't handle it for reasons explained all through out this post. :) Here in SC we have the occasional mouse, lots of opossums, chipmunks and squirrels. there are a lot of Black Widows but my least favorite is the 'Palmetto Bug', which is a nice name for HUGE FLYING COCKROACH! I hope the snake leaves your eggs alone and knows his place is out of doors. Your a brave soul Beth. :)

  2. Oh Stephanie ... the "palmetto bug"! Yes, no matter what they wanna call it, the durn thing is a HUGE FLYING COCKROACH!! One of the things I don't miss from South Georgia!! :)

  3. My daughter found a HUGE black snake in a Holly tree beside our house. The sad part was it was wrapped around a family of baby robins having lunch. We had been watching the next from the beginning and had even named the feathery family. Sad lesson learned about the circle of life. :(