Monday, August 22, 2011

New Adventures

It's the start of a very busy time of year.  It's back to school time!!! And in a homeschooling house, it's just as busy and exciting as in a public school home.  There are new clothes, new supplies, butterflies, and excitement.  Hopefully there isn't any disappointment over what teacher the kids get for the year!

Today, I'm over at The Homeschool Village sharing some practical tips about how we teach with so many students and non-students in our home.  If you aren't a homeschooler, go ahead and check it out here anyway. I know you are dying to see how things work around here!  I'll be at The Homeschool Village once a month on Fridays starting in September sharing with you things from our BIG family life!

There are many new things coming up this fall here at Sew Anyhow.  Guest bloggers, new Reviews, writing a few other places.  Please be sure to sign up to get emails so you don't miss anything!

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