Friday, August 12, 2011

A year already

Today, we mark the first anniversary of our baby's birth day.   That's a really formal way to say, Georgia Beth is ONE!  And what a wild ride this last year has been.  My children were lamenting how fast the year has gone (Daniel said the older you get, the fast time seems to fly). But for once, this last year seemed to have taken it's time for me.

If you want to go back you can read about this Sweet Peach's birth.  She really has been a charmer. She doesn't fuss.  Is really content. Has a smile that will melt a heart of stone. Georgia Beth clings to her family. Literally. It's like having an ape baby hanging on to you! She of course has done all the little things a baby should; has hit all the milestones at the appropriate times.  So what do you say about this baby? 

I could write about how she has changed our family. How everyone seems to gravitate around her. How all the kids counted the days until her arrival. How they all cheered over each milestone. That she brights every one's day, and we all treasure time with her. I could...

I could write about how she is one of the happiest babies.  She sleeps through the night. Didn't fuss too much over new teeth.  Doesn't cry for attention.  Isn't spoiled by the love she gets from everyone.  How she is willing to let strangers (to her) hold her, talk to her, play with her. I could...

Instead, I think I'll write something very personal to my baby daughter for her birthday.  When you were born, Georgia, I was again taken by surprise. Me, with another girl. A daughter. I was thrilled. And a little sad. There were many women who have come and gone before you that you would not know. And scared. It is up to me to pass along to you all the wisdom that has been passed to me.  And today, I'm all those things and one more. I am humbled. The God of the universe chose this family for you. His creation. His child.

So today we celebrate you. And I look to the future. I'm not worried about the unrest in the world. All the political mumbo jumbo. Debt, famine, or other issues. Not for you. For I know that He that created this world is still in control.  And while I do not know what your future holds, I know Who holds the future.  I pray for the day you will surrender your will and heart to Him. That you answer His call on your life.  I do not pray for happiness for you. Not because I want sadness for you, but because happiness is often a dead end, empty path the world has offered. Instead I pray for joy to reign in your life. That you live a life following after God, and live selflessly in His path. It will be a hard path, but the only one that has the Lord.  I pray that whether the path is favorable or unfavorable, you will obey the LORD.  And I pray that you will be a servant unto the Lord. Never quarrelsome, but kind to all, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, and correcting with gentleness.  This is your path Sweet Georgia Beth, and I pray you are a beacon of grace, mercy, and light to the fallen world.  Your name, Beth, means consecrated to God. May you carry your name well, dear, and bring honor to the God on High.

You have been such a joy and blessing to us this first year. I love you, my daughter. Happy first birthday!



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  2. What a beautiful letter to your precious little girl!
    Blessings on the journey~