Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun in Blogger World

So you can see I joined the Blog Hop '09. I have no idea WHAT that is, but my sister-in-law posted about it, and it looked fun. Plus, it was way less involved that that whole spring cleaning thing I tried because of her. I have had so much fun with all the people that are hopping by! Thanks to all who have ventured over, and to Teri Lynne for suggesting (although she didn't know it) this activity! For those of you hopping, this is a brand new blog for me, and you can learn more about me and my crazy life over at my other blog Half a Dozen or the Other. It was so named when we only had six kids, and my hubby got to be "the other". But number seven is now here, so he gets to be the "other" in my life. I've been on a mini vacation at my parent's house while Heath is at church camp with our youth, so no new pictures or projects. But I will have loads of new posts as soon as I get home tomorrow. So be sure to come back!

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