Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 6th

"We'll keep the light on for you"

Do you remember that tag line? Motel 6 ended it's commercials with it, and was a promise the chain made to it's customers.

Today, I have a new appreciation for it. Today was a day spent at a hospital watching as a life slowly ebbed away. It was a long day. Sometimes full of laughter and shared memories. Often filled with tears. Seconds became minutes, minutes turned to hours. And we waited. Heath and I made the decision to go home to catch a little sleep. Well, he went all the way home, I went to my parents' home. My kids were there, but it wasn't planned for me to be there. And as I pulled into the driveway, long past bedtimes, there in the front window was the light. I have never pulled into that driveway and seen that light off. All my teenage years it was on. Waiting. And tonight, YEARS later, my Momma and Daddy left it on again. Just in case. If I came home, they wouldn't want me come home to a dark house. And I sat in that driveway and cried. Cried for the lose that was coming. For Heath and his family. And for parents who never forget to comfort their child. I am so very grateful for those who "keep the light on for you".


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  1. Praying for you, Beth - for you and your family. ((((hugs)))
    You are blessed with a wonderful, loving, caring, and thoughtful family! I trust God will use them mightily to comfort you during this time.